Born in 2006 in Schwedt an der Oder for the “Rolling Road Show” of Volksbühne Berlin the Egg has been at the Biennial in Cuba in 2009, in Budjeovice in 2015 and played an important part in “Folkstheater/Teatr Luowy (2015 – 2017)

El Huevo de San Agustin - Interactive Film as part of the 10th Biennial in La Habana, Cuba

The latest Egg form has been realized at “Kehraus – Hochschule im Aufbruch” 21st October 2017 – “The Royal Egg”

“Kehraus – Hochschule im Aufbruch” 21st October 2017 starting 5pm at “Alter Markt” in Potsdam – The Egg is the new Empress – looking for her Royal Chambers to Hatch. No success – given the super paranoia of Potsdam’s newly built Disney quarters no one was prepared to let an Egg inside. Imagine the threat!